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Wraptor 6K- 270 Degree Freestanding Vehicle Mounted Awning – FREE SHIPPING

(72 customer reviews)

Original price was: $1,299.00.Current price is: $899.00.



Our largest FULLY FREESTANDING awning.  The Wraptor 6K provides massive shade – even enough for a Sprinter van. The rear hinge is identical to our Wraptor 4K withan additional hinge with 2 arms at the front of the awning to provide additional coverage in front.

Simply unzip the cover, swing out the arms, and cinch it tight…that’s it!

-Waterproof 280G ripstop canvas

-Height adjustable poles extend to 8′ 6″, required in windy condition

Overland Bound review of the Wraptor 6K: https://youtu.be/VEvzEePiU8A

Install video from Overland Bound: https://youtu.be/YFqWeHfRKf8

Video is for a 4K which is same install but the 6K comes with 3 brackets.


-Waterproof 280G ripstop canvas

-Deploys in less than a minute

-Height adjustable poles extend to 8′ 6″, required in windy conditions

-91 inches long when stowed on the vehicle

-Velcro at edges for attachments to walls

The awning will need to be mounted with the rear extending beyond the back of the vehicle to allow the awning to swing to 90 degrees for full 270 degree coverage.  Please make sure to keep the front and rear mounting brackets close to the hinges. This is crucial to provide adequate support for the awning when open.

Available in PASSENGER or DRIVER side.

Offers ~130 sq/ft of coverage

Recommended for full-size 4-door SUVs, vans and trucks.

Choosing which side to get…if your vehicle has a swinging rear door then we suggest the side opposite to which it swings. Most rear doors swing to the passenger side so for those vehicles we recommend driver side. If you have  FJ Cruiser or a van the we recommend passenger side. If your vehicle has a tailgate or lift gate then we recommend passenger side in case you pull over on the side of the road and want to open your awning- this way it won’t open over the street but rather the side of the road


Mount 2 brackets close to the ends of the awning near the hinge points. U-bolts included for round bars or bolts directly to roof rack.


In stock (can be backordered)

    • $
    • 20 $



  • We offer both left or right side versions
  • 280gsm poly cotton rip stop waterproof canvas construction
  • Includes rigid support poles and guy lines
  • Includes rigid outer frame poles for enhanced rigidity in rain and wind
  • 280gsm poly cotton rip stop canvas
  • Optional 200 Denier walls
  • 1200gsm PVC transit cover with YKK zipper
  • Hole spacing for awning backing plate to mounting bracket is 4.5″ (115mm)
  • Awning weighs 61 pounds
  • Included U-bolts fit up to 1.5″ square or round tube racks/crossbars

Note- Guy lines required when using awning in windy conditions. These awnings are huge and can catch a tremendous amount of wind!


Additional information

Weight 77 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 9 × 9 in

72 reviews for Wraptor 6K- 270 Degree Freestanding Vehicle Mounted Awning – FREE SHIPPING

  1. Luis Lopez (verified owner)

    Just finished installing and can not wait to use in our camping trips! Great product.

    Image #1 from Luis Lopez
    Image #2 from Luis Lopez
  2. jim clabaugh (verified owner)

    Amazingly easy (accepts paypal) and fast.
    Still installing as I have to create an easy quick mount and dismount system as it won’t fit in my trailor between cabinets when mounted, so I will have to review product at a later date.

  3. Sawyer phelps (verified owner)

    Great product! Easy to install and use. Quality construction and built to last. Highly recommended!

  4. Marco R. (verified owner)

    awesome experience. Had a question and they were prompt to reach out. I figured out the answer to y question, but the fact that they reached out, great customer service. I will be purchasing more products from Overland Pros.

  5. Derek M. (verified owner)

    Happy camper! Nick was the guy on the phone and customer service was first! Rare nowadays. I’d buy again.

  6. Israel Enrique (verified owner)

  7. Connor (verified owner)

    This awning does not fit great on a 4Runner with a Prinsu rack, be prepared to get extension brackets made for it to fit above the rear the tailgate, the design of the awning makes it really hard to fit. The second arm from the back crosses over the tailgate area. Awning is really well made, just wish it fit better on the 4Runner.

  8. Eric (verified owner)

    happy with it came out really nice

    Image #1 from Eric
    Image #2 from Eric
    Image #3 from Eric
  9. Randy C. (verified owner)

    fast shipping, awesome awning!

  10. Mark P. (verified owner)

    Install was challenging simply because the after market parts manufacturers do not talk to each other. I just wish you could order parts that are compatible. That being said the 6K is a beast. Fast and easy to set up and take down. Shade for days, quality everywhere you look. In my opinion best bang for the bucks!!!

    Image #1 from Mark P.
  11. Ryan W. (verified owner)

    Great product, well made. Easy to mount, even easier to open and setup. Tons of shade, would highly recommend!

    Image #1 from Ryan W.
  12. Daniel Kuffel (verified owner)

    Thanks you again for a great product and great customer service. Even though the manufacturering/sipping times were screwed up there was clear communication through your website and answered questions on Instagram. We love the awning and can’t wait to get this weekend.

    Image #1 from Daniel Kuffel
  13. Frank Guerrini (verified owner)

    Love love love it

    Video #1 from Frank Guerrini
    Video #2 from Frank Guerrini
  14. Richard Reid (verified owner)

  15. Thomas D. (verified owner)

    Everyone was responsive to all my questions and the fit/finish was great!

  16. Darren N. (verified owner)

    In terms of communication, given the environment we all seem to be operating in these days ,I rate that a five out of five. The awning itself arrived with the main aluminum body Bent in a couple of places probably from shipping. Nothing major and I was able to bend those back although not perfect. Install was easy and the shade it provides is very good!

    Image #1 from Darren N.
  17. Clinton (verified owner)

    Great experience and the communication was second to none

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great customer service!

  19. Allen Trinidad (verified owner)

    I was hesitant about purchasing it at first since I already have a Rhinorack 270 Batwing Awning. But I am very happythat I switched to the Wraptor 6k Awning. Quality is very good and the ability to set it up without the pole is awesome. Also, the mounting brackets that it comes with are very beefy! I was impressed. I showed it to my brother who also has the Rhinorack Batwing Awning, and he also wants to sell his current one and get the Wraptor Awning.

    Image #1 from Allen Trinidad
    Image #2 from Allen Trinidad
  20. Paul H. (verified owner)

    Took a little while to get, but communication was top notch and the ned product was definitely worth the wait. We put it to the test the first week we got it, camping in rain and wind. We would have been stuck in our tent, but thanks to the Wraptor 6k we had plenty of space to keep gear and ourselves dry. It’s stout, too. Highly recommend.

  21. James lapeer (verified owner)

    very happy with the awning ,it seems to do everything it promised , i made my own supports to fit my truck rack.
    The only problem was no paper work /use manual.

  22. Emerson (verified owner)

    Appreciate the email feedback on availability. Unit arrived fairly quickly with minor dings. Install and operation instructions would be nice to have in the box. I did see 3rd party install video on your web site. Wasn’t very detailed. With that said, it was fairly easy to install.

    Image #1 from Emerson
  23. Paula Clark (verified owner)

    We love it, it is great. The only complaint is when it arrived the package was pretty right up and once we got it installed and extended we noticed a small hole in the back bottom corner. I have attached a couple pictures and will send more along with video as we are leaving on a cross country trip across the United States and we will be camping out of our truck.

    Image #1 from Paula Clark
    Image #2 from Paula Clark
    Image #3 from Paula Clark
    Image #4 from Paula Clark
  24. Devon (verified owner)

    Major delay on shipping. Otherwise product is awesome. I love the new design.

  25. Marcos (verified owner)

    Easy to set. Looks and works great!

    Image #1 from Marcos
  26. Mark Mehalic (verified owner)

    I received mine very quickly. Great product.

  27. Daric Morton (verified owner)

    The quality and feel of the awning is superb!! The customer service is outstanding!!! I’d buy from Overland Pros in a heartbeat!! Thanks Nick and Ted! What a great experience.

  28. JOHN OBRIEN (verified owner)

    Was there supposed to be nuts and bolts in the box with the brackets? There was no hardware that I could find. Is there any instructions on install?

  29. John Bufton (verified owner)

    So far all seems ok, I will not get a chance to fit it yet as this in going on my camper and I can not get it out of the yard with it fitted. I have only a small gate. But I shall review later on. But Thanks

  30. Christopher A. (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the product. Will be adding a single wall for additional protection for slide out kitchen. Also shower enclosure for passenger side.

    Image #1 from Christopher A.
    Image #2 from Christopher A.
  31. Marcus Muffley (verified owner)

    Super solid! Takes camping to a whole new level for sure. 100% worth the $

    Image #1 from Marcus Muffley
    Image #2 from Marcus Muffley
    Image #3 from Marcus Muffley
    Image #4 from Marcus Muffley
    Video #1 from Marcus Muffley
  32. Pat Brown (verified owner)

    Looks like a very good product. Need to finish the rack, so I can get it mounted & open it up

  33. Monty M

    We are thrilled with our 6K and wall set. It sets up easily and is well built. It is very sturdy without the legs down but it only takes a sec to put them down. This thing is huge and we were questioning whether we should get the 4K or 6K. We are very glad that we got the 6. We can access the doors to the cab while still under the awning or inside the wall set. Being conservative I would say it takes us less than 1 minute to extend and tighten. It takes less than 3 to put it away. From start to finish, including attaching all 3 walls and staking them out I would say it takes about 12 minutes to set up and 10 minutes to put away. In addition to all of this the customer service is great. Thanks Nick!

    Image #1 from Monty M
    Image #2 from Monty M
    Image #3 from Monty M
  34. Charlie Kilgore (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my new Wtaptor 6K! I had the 4k and gave it to my father. They are both the best overlanding purchases I have made so far. They really make the rigs I think. They are some of the best awnings out there and are half the price!! No way you can go wrong wit these! Customer service is always superb as well. Thank you so much Nick!!!!

  35. Paul M. (verified owner)

    Dec 4th:
    I’ll let you know once I receive the item.

    Dec 14th:
    Here’s an update on my experience with OverlandPros. There was a mixup with the shipping process with my original order. Once Overland Pros was aware of this, they jumped into action and shipped me a replacement item. It’s now in my hands and I’m looking forward to deploying the awning on my upcoming trip.

  36. Ricky L. (verified owner)

  37. Frederick (verified owner)

    Thanks Nick great product!

  38. shawn a. (verified owner)

    great product&service

  39. David Clemenson (verified owner)

    The awning itself is very impressive, quality material through and through. I had to custom fan my own brackets because of my special set up but im so glad I went through with it. I will say the brackets they sent with it are skookum I just couldnt use em for my set up. My only complaint is the cover material is less than Impressive. By the main hinge it has worn almost through already and I havent had it more than a week. I have a feeling it wont hold up much longer it needs a wear pad stitched into the fabric on the inside by both hinges to hold up. Other than that it seems waterproof and like I said everything else seems to be built top notch.

    Image #1 from David Clemenson
    Image #2 from David Clemenson
  40. Gary B. (verified owner)

    I’m sure the Wraptor 6K-270 Degree Awning is an excellent product. I’m still waiting on some instructions from Overland Pros on how to install my awning. I could figure it out, but it would be nice to have at least a parts list with instructions. I have reached out to Overland Pros, with no response.

  41. kevin ward (verified owner)


    Day of the install. Very good pleased

  42. Sam T. (verified owner)

    Finally got it installed and tested, took me 3 tries to put it back the in the cover. All I can say is I’m the envy of my little group in my area for having such a fine awning..good job

    Image #1 from Sam T.
  43. Ron S. (verified owner)

    Our first awning came damaged. Called and it was taken care of immediately. Great customer service. Spoke to actual people who actually cared. Looking forward to purchasing more of thier products in the future.

  44. JOHNATHAN GIESY (verified owner)

    Love it! It works awesome and is very sturdy. I am a mobile motorsports mechanic and got tired of lugging around my heavy easy up. And then stumbled upon this. I did lots of research and this seemed to be the best out there to not have to use poles. It depolys and packs up fast and easy. I do wish the straps for packing the canopy up were a tad longer and that they didn’t get stuck behind the bars when you pack it up but those are very minor things. Overall I’d say 9/10

    Image #1 from JOHNATHAN GIESY
    Image #2 from JOHNATHAN GIESY
    Image #3 from JOHNATHAN GIESY
    Image #4 from JOHNATHAN GIESY
  45. Alexis Urdaneta (verified owner)

    In love with it

    Image #1 from Alexis Urdaneta
  46. Sandy Wilson (verified owner)

    I LOVE IT!!!!! I installed the 6K on my 2018 4RNR. Had the factory rails/cross bars and wasn’t sure how to install the awning, so ended up purchasing a new roof rack (UpTop-Bravo). The awning was super easy to install and use! Spent the weekend at the coast- this awning is AMAZING and works as it should. The coast was super windy, but we utilized the additional tie points which made it very stable. It really does takes seconds to open and close! Highly recommend these awnings. Will take off when not using…I don’t think I can go through a car wash with it mounted, either (?). We also installed it using higher brackets making it just high enough that we can still utilize the back hatch. TONS OF SHADE!

    Image #1 from Sandy Wilson
    Image #2 from Sandy Wilson
    Image #3 from Sandy Wilson
  47. Derek Miller (verified owner)

    Shipped fast and all items were received

    Image #1 from Derek Miller
  48. taylor hood (verified owner)

  49. James Parker (verified owner)

    Love it!

    Image #1 from James Parker
    Image #2 from James Parker
  50. Skyler L. (verified owner)

    The 6k awning is simply awesome. I am completely satisfied with this product. For the money there is absolutely no other awning that compares. Quality materials, impressive coverage and grounded/genuine owners made the decision easy. Purchase this and you won’t regret it.

  51. alfredo erich Aragon (verified owner)

  52. Brian M. (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with the product! Received the 270 6k awning in 3 days! Thank you very much!

    Image #1 from Brian M.
    Image #2 from Brian M.
    Image #3 from Brian M.
  53. Jon (verified owner)

    It looks great. It was easy to install on my teardrop camper. The hype is real, quick deployment and quick and easy stowing. By myself it is about a 45 second deployment from the time I touch the storage bag. 2 minutes to stow it.

    Image #1 from Jon
    Image #2 from Jon
  54. James Fullerton (verified owner)

    Great product and service

  55. William T. (verified owner)

    Awesome. We can’t wait to get it out. Great construction

    Image #1 from William T.
    Image #2 from William T.
  56. Mark Bintliff (verified owner)

    Great Product, I have been testing it out at Jeep shows stand free (no poles or guidelines) and Fort Fisher Beach (NC), It gets a bit windy 5-15 mph winds, once it gets above that I recommend using the poles and guidelines. Got a lot of questions, looks, and people stopping by when I deploy it, or when it’s deployed. (Overland Pros you should be receiving a few orders for the Wraptor 6K and 4K from North Carolina alot of favorable discussions). Function/Form, Quality, and Strength all there. While researching not much out on this brand or model, It is very similar to the Darche Eclipse 270°, But improved and a little more budget friendly (free shipping). Had it out in light rain, It did well. Slight wind gust had me concerned, but no issues (stand free). As the Overland Bound videos, show it very quick in setup and take down. Great for tail gating (college sports), Quick shade in large parking lots while waiting for an event.
    I just ordered the 6K walls and two 4K walls. Ready to try it out for next level outings. I highly recommend this Awning.

    Image #1 from Mark Bintliff
    Image #2 from Mark Bintliff
    Image #3 from Mark Bintliff
  57. David C. (verified owner)

    Great awning! Fit my jeep well with my smittybuilt roof rack.

  58. Vann (verified owner)

    Best price for this type awning with this build quality. Hands down the right 270 awning in the USA!
    I purchased and installed on a 12’ enclosed trailer that I use for R/C aeronautical hobby. The awning works well and is nice and strong. I haven’t use the legs as of yet, not needed, but nice to have if the wind picks up. The awning comes with 6 legs total. 3 building to awning and three extra if using walls or just want to tie it down for longer stays.

    Image #1 from Vann
    Image #2 from Vann
    Image #3 from Vann
    Image #4 from Vann
    Image #5 from Vann
  59. Matthew Specht (verified owner)

    We were blown away by the quality of the 6k Wraptor 270 awning. This thing is huge! The coverage is amazing and it feels like top quality. Don’t forget about the price! One of the best purchases we’ve made to our rig.

    Image #1 from Matthew Specht
  60. Ross Downard (verified owner)

    Awesome awning, easy to set up and take down. I wish there was a little more comprehensive material on setup and what all you need to get this installed and more detailed setups of using guy lines. Couldn’t tell if it came with mounts or not and ordered them separately, then turns out the awning came with 3 mounts.

    • Ted Speichers (store manager)

      Thanks for the input. We will put up a video about install and brackets soon.

  61. Shawn (verified owner)

    Seems to be a well built product on initial install. Looking forward to seeing how it works over time

  62. Joseph Hannon (verified owner)

    When I purchased this awning I knew that it would not fit on my Yakima truck rails. I had to engineer a new rack Mount for the awning.
    1/4” aluminum plate with a 1 1/2” 90 degree bend for stability. Over all dimension is 9” x 81” bolted to the top of the rack.
    Once it was all mounted. I opened the awning and noticed that the internal slide rail was bent in two places for accessories. I may need to heat it up and bend them back into a reasonable position.
    Very pleased with the construction and the amount of coverage the awning provides. Very heavy duty.

    Image #1 from Joseph Hannon
    Image #2 from Joseph Hannon
    Image #3 from Joseph Hannon
    Image #4 from Joseph Hannon
    Image #5 from Joseph Hannon
  63. Scott (verified owner)

    Great product! I’m super excited to get a lot of use out of it during the Arizona summers! Installation was not difficult to figure out but just a suggestion; the video from Overland Bound with the 4K installation doesn’t really show much installation. It’s a not a big deal but just a thought that a sharply produced installation video with tips would step up the customer experience. Thanks!

  64. Adriel (verified owner)

    Awning works as intended top quality build! I had UPS damage the awning in a few places, reached out to OP and they quickly started a claim and have been very communicative throughout the process. Top notch customer service and I do recommend to get shipping insurance for heavy items.

  65. NICK NELSON (verified owner)

    Talk about freestanding! Purposely bought this for frequent use on the beach, knowing windy conditions are inevitable. First day and couldn’t be more pleased. Bought 2 walls for now and works perfect for keeping wind off us at times. Fun going places and opening the awning. Makes for great conversations with people.

    Note of caution, did purchase the $20 insurance and it did come damaged. Bottom sail track got bumped and bent closed. I will give overland pros a plus on extremely quick response back. Discussing a solution I wasn’t up to removing the awning, repackaging, taking a day off for ups to pick up and wait for a whole new one to arrive. Had a time limit for a 2 month trip and it wouldn’t have come back in time.

    Image #1 from NICK NELSON
    Image #2 from NICK NELSON
    Image #3 from NICK NELSON
  66. Michael Wright (verified owner)

    thanks guys your product and service was outstanding. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to use it. One week into my two month road trip I rear ended a semi trailer at 75mph and completely destroyed my 4runner. The roof and entire right side of the vehicle were torn off. For the most part the only thing left was the drivers seat and myself. It was a miracle I survived. Another miracle was it appears that the awning also survived. With a little work I think I can repair it. The wrecker told me it was wedged into the back of the trailer and he pulled it out. I’ve included a couple o pictures of the damage to the vehicle. Feel free to use them as a selling point to the toughness of your product.

    Thanks again

    PS. if you zoom in on the semi trailer in front of the Fire Truck you can see the awning sticking out the back of the trailer.

    Image #1 from Michael Wright
    Image #2 from Michael Wright
  67. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Great Product, Needs a simple, short diagram for how the mounting plates work. Didn’t take long to figure it out and the one video I found on youtube had about 5 seconds showing the direction. Deploys Super easy, packs away super easy. Looking forward to using it in a few weeks

    Image #1 from Verified Buyer
  68. David Harbin (verified owner)

    I researched a long time to find the best 270 degree awning for the money and this is it. Great customer service too. I will suggest Overland Pros to all my friends.

  69. Hayley Morris (verified owner)

    Excellent communication and service, would recommend and cannot wait for this to be added to our van 😀

  70. Anonymous (verified owner)

  71. James Trevor D. (verified owner)

    Everything I hoped it would be! Thanks for a great product and fast shipping.

    Image #1 from James Trevor D.
    Image #2 from James Trevor D.
    Image #3 from James Trevor D.
  72. Anonymous (verified owner)

    We absolutely love using this awning on our Promaster. A ladder is helpful for the set up and take down. It does well in the wind and rain.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
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