Overland Pros was founded by Nick D’Amico and Ted Speicher.

Overland Pros is short for Overland Professionals… not professional overlanders but business professionals that enjoy the overlanding lifestyle. We started the business to bring high quality camping equipment to market that we are proud to use on every adventure.  Through the years, we have thrown out and passed on more camping equipment than we care to think about.  As our families have grown, our needs and desire for comfort have increased as well. One thing is certain on any journey, without a good night’s rest, no one is happy the next day. For a month long or even weekend journey, your sleeping arrangements are paramount to an enjoyable journey. We have redesigned the roof top tent with an emphasis on comfort and ease of set-up and take-down, our awnings can be deployed by one person and ground tents set-up in less than a minute. We are constantly testing and evaluating new equipment to offer to our customers.

Nick D’Amico

As a child my parents hiked and camped up and down California.  We hiked in the rain and we hiked in the sunshine.  We even hiked in the snow occasionally.  We did most of this out of our old Toyota pickup, sometimes pulling a 1960 Pacer egg trailer.  Now married with two children we continue to explore the backcountry of California, Nevada, Utah and beyond.  From snow camping in the Sierras to vastness of Death Valley we are always looking for the next adventure.

Just like you we appreciate having good gear.  After much trial and error I realized that what I wanted didn’t exist so I set out to create it and that is how Overland Pros was born.  It is my hope that our experiences will help further your desire to leave your busy life behind a little more often and head out for more spectacular adventures.  We use all of our own products and test them in a multitude of conditions to make sure they meet our expectations, and hopefully yours too!  We hope to see you out there on the trail someday!

Ted Speicher

Life is about learning and experiences. Relationships and interactions define who we are and shape our personalities. Ever since I was a child, I enjoyed being outside and exploring. Growing up, my passion for cars lead me to car based camping and the overlanding lifestyle. With 3 young kids, we have adventures together outside and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Through the journey of modifying vehicles, acquiring equipment and camping, I have discovered routines and items that truly make camping a better experience. We founded Overland Pros on the principles of bringing the best quality products that we use at affordable prices.