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Wraptor 4K- 270 Degree Freestanding Vehicle Mounted Awning – FREE SHIPPING

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Original price was: $999.00.Current price is: $739.00.


Ships FREE to the lower 48!

This is our newest FULLY FREESTANDING awning.  The successor to our Wraptor 2500, the Wraptor 4K is brand-new fully freestanding 270 degree awning.  Most notably it no longer requires support poles!  Simply unzip the cover, swing out the arms, and cinch it tight. That’s it!

The Wraptor 4K is constructed of waterproof 280G ripstop canvas.  It quickly expands to give you 270 degrees of shade around your vehicle. It includes height-adjustable support poles that extend to 8′ 6″. They are used when deploying the awning walls during high winds.  The awning can be deployed by one person in less than a minute. Available walls can be attached to provide shade or a full set of walls forms a full enclosure with a door.  The optional walls are made from lightweight waterproof 200D polyester and are available to purchase separately. The Wraptor 4K measures 2.2 meters (86 inches) long when stowed on the vehicle. The awning will need to be mounted with the rear extending beyond the back of the vehicle to allow the awning to swing the arms for full 270 degree coverage.  Please make sure to keep the rear mounting bracket as close to the rear hinge as possible.

Available in passenger and driver side mounting.

Offers ~80 sq/ft of coverage

Choosing which side to get- if your vehicle has a swinging rear door then we suggest the side opposite to which it swing. most rear doors swing to the passenger side so for those vehicles we recommend driver side. If you have  FJ Cruiser or a van the we recommend passenger side. if your vehicle has a tailgate or lift gate then we recommend passenger side in case you pull over on the side of the road and want to open your awning- this way it won’t open over the street but rather the side of the road


Mount one bracket close to the end of the awning near the hinge point. U-bolts included for round bars or bolts directly to roof rack.

Install video from Overland Bound: https://youtu.be/YFqWeHfRKf8


In stock (can be backordered)

    • $
    • 20 $



  • We offer both left or right side versions
  • 280gsm poly cotton rip stop waterproof canvas construction
  • Includes rigid support poles and guy lines
  • Includes rigid outer frame poles for enhanced rigidity in rain and wind.
  • 280gsm poly cotton rip stop canvas
  • Optional 200 Denier walls
  • 1200gsm PVC transit cover with YKK zipper
  • Hole spacing for awning backing plate to mounting bracket is 4.5″ (115mm)
  • Awning weighs 42 lbs.
  • Included U-bolts fit up to 1.5″ square or round tube racks/crossbars

Note- Guy lines required when using awning in windy conditions. These awnings are huge and can catch a tremendous amount of wind!


Additional information

Weight 59 lbs
Dimensions 86 × 9 × 9 in

61 reviews for Wraptor 4K- 270 Degree Freestanding Vehicle Mounted Awning – FREE SHIPPING

  1. david barbaro (verified owner)

  2. Jacob M. (verified owner)

    Nice guys and care about their customers! Highly recommend

  3. Brian R. (verified owner)

    The awning arrived on time and was easy to install. It seems well built and easy to put up.

  4. Patrick Barker (verified owner)

  5. Derek Smith (verified owner)

  6. John Hammons (verified owner)

    The product is awesome and can’t be beaten for the price.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

  8. Tyler (verified owner)

    Quality of product seems quite good on first inspection.

  9. Jason K. (verified owner)

    Awesome service. Can’t wait to use it this summer.

  10. Charles Dwyer (verified owner)

    Awesome product! Awesome company!!

  11. Masis Y. (verified owner)

    Great costumer service, good product. I recommend it.

    Image #1 from Masis Y.
  12. Shaun Briscoe (verified owner)

    So pleased with it! It holds up well even in high winds !!👍🏽👍🏽

    Video #1 from Shaun Briscoe
  13. Nathan S. (verified owner)

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This was probably the best purchase that I have made so far for my overland rig. I was originally running a Batwing Compact Awning, but when I saw that the new Wraptor was freestanding, and at such an incredible price, I immediately took a gamble, sold my Batwing, and purchased it. I am so glad I did. Not only is the coverage better, but the setup and breakdown takes seconds. Don’t let the price sway you, this Awning is just as well made if not better made than the other main brands out there. Nick also knew I was in a time crunch, and was awesome at getting me what I needed by the time I needed it. Excellent customer service. I recommend for anyone to buy this Awning that loves their overland rig, unless you just want to spend massive amounts of money on other ones not as good! Lol!
    Thanks again Nick!!!!!

    Trey aka *TrailNinja*
    Outback Off-Road Expedition

    Image #1 from Anonymous
    Image #2 from Anonymous
    Image #3 from Anonymous
    Image #4 from Anonymous
  15. Raymond P. (verified owner)

    I believe in supporting smaller companies. Overland Pros took their awnings to another level and you get a great product designed by guys who actually overland. I’m extremely pleased with the Wraptor 4K and it’s well made.

    Image #1 from Raymond P.
    Image #2 from Raymond P.
  16. Karl (verified owner)

    Would like documentation.

  17. Ryan W. (verified owner)

    Took a while to get product but I know everything is a bit behind in today’s world. Other than that i am happy so far

  18. Ty R. (verified owner)

    So far the awning has exceeded all my expectations. Very happy with the build quality. I would like to give an extra shout-out to how the company handled the shipping delays. I was very impressed to see the constant, almost daily updates on the home page. It’s something simple but it was very much appreciated. I have ALOT of back-ordered parts with several companies and by far Overland Pros has had the best open communication out of all of them. I would highly recommend this awning.

  19. Christian M. (verified owner)

    We ordered the awning during Covid so the shipping seemed to take forever. This was no fault of Overland Pros. OP was very good about letting customers know what was going on during the shipping delay.
    When we got it, I installed it in less than an hour. Super easy, and very well made. Set-up and pack-up are FAST! We love it.

    Image #1 from Christian M.
  20. Vernon Habersetzer (verified owner)

    Love this awning!! So fast to setup / put away, sturdy construction!

    Image #1 from Vernon Habersetzer
  21. Karla V. (verified owner)

    We received the awning on Wednesday installed it Friday night and hit the beach for a camping trip on Saturday. It’s a great awning, good price for product. It did it’s job in providing shade, easy to use and easy to install. Recommend offering different brackets for different roof baskets, ex: Yakima. Overall excellent product.

    Image #1 from Karla V.
    Image #2 from Karla V.
  22. Michael P. (verified owner)

    Installed easy with the provided brackets, and works really well. Set up and take down time is very fast. Great value for a great product.

    Image #1 from Michael P.
  23. Gabriel (verified owner)

    Great service great awning. The install was simple. I did have to fab some brackets because the u bolts were too big for the narrow bars on my Baja rack. Over very happy! Thanks

    Image #1 from Gabriel
    Image #2 from Gabriel
  24. Karl F. (verified owner)

    Well worth the wait. Very easy to install, deploy and resecure. All my neighbors were impressed. We got to demonstrate how easy it is to use, multple times in the driveway, after everyone saw it on the Jeep. Definitely better than an Easy-Up. Now to try it in the desert…

  25. Patrick D. (verified owner)

    The awning is great, I absolutely love it. Quality looks to be good, I’ve only used it a few times sofar. It did better than I thought it would in some decent wind on the beach. Very happy with my purchase. I also ordered the extra wall with it.

  26. Jacob Cook (verified owner)

    These guys have thought of everything! We just got our Wraptor4k with the latest shipment and used it for the first time this weekend. It was a snap to install on our frontrunner rack, super easy to deploy and take down. Overland Pros has thought of everything with this model including all the poles, tie downs necessary in strong winds. Another thing we like is all the velcro and bar wraps space around on the support arms. This allowed us to attach all kinds of accessories to our awning including string lights, storage bags and a clothes line.

    Great job!

  27. Jason (verified owner)

    Love the awning! Wish new covers were not so expensive though… mines will probably get scratched up by trees and what not…

  28. Eric Wardlaw (verified owner)

    Met the guys at Overland West. Loved the Wraptor 4K 270. Video a little too large to upload – see it here: https://youtu.be/CRXrKfaK0Mo

    Image #1 from Eric Wardlaw
  29. Travis Young (verified owner)

    I love this awning! It is super easy to deploy and almost as easy to stow away. We used it over the weekend on a quick desert camping trip and the near instant shade was perfect. With only light winds I didn’t drop the legs and had no reason to. Everything worked flawlessly.

    Overland Pros shipped it quickly after ordering and I received it within a couple of days. I am very pleased with both the service and product.

  30. Peter F. (verified owner)

    Extremely fast response to a question, order was shipped almost immediately, easy installation and great product.

  31. Ray (verified owner)

    Well built, easy to install, outstanding customer service. This is a great product at a reasonable price.

    Image #1 from Ray
    Image #2 from Ray
  32. troy (verified owner)

    Product and service exceeds my expectations

  33. Jose H. (verified owner)

    Image #1 from Jose H.
    Image #2 from Jose H.
  34. Westin T. (verified owner)

    These guys were great to work with! Fast invoice processing and shipped within a few days of ordering. Thank you for your greet customer care and an even better product!

  35. ROBERT LAMISHAW (verified owner)

    Really too soon to say. I’ve only had the opportunity to use it once and it seemed good but that was a lunch stop for only an hour or so. There was a light breeze and it wasn’t fazed by the wind, so that is good. It went up and came down quickly and easily, just as expected, so that was very good as well. Still need to see how it does in heavier winds but so far I am very pleased.

    Delivery was very fast, I ordered it on Friday and got it Monday, so the shipping was spot on and UPS did a good job of getting it to me pretty quickly.

    I’ll report back after I have used it for awhile but in the mean time I am very optimistic.

  36. Rex H. (verified owner)

    What I thought would be the easiest install turned out to be super difficult. I have a Yakima HD truck rack and since the awning didn’t come with T-Slot bolts to install it with I had to find some. Seems easy but it wasn’t at all. Took a lot of time to find standard loose t-slot bolts and nuts that could be delivered in a reasonable amount of time. Everyone said “didn’t the awning come with them?” They should have as it is an advertised option to install that way. Other than that nice product, reasonable price and super fast delivery.

  37. Alvaro Soriano (verified owner)

    I love it definitely game changer for me and my family I love how easy set up is

    Image #1 from Alvaro Soriano
    Image #2 from Alvaro Soriano
  38. Frankie Mead (verified owner)

    Great product shipped fast and have been super stoked so far for the price.

    Image #1 from Frankie Mead
    Image #2 from Frankie Mead
  39. Sarah Perry (verified owner)

    Very nice design and works exactly as described. Easy to install. After a few uses it seems that the cover can pinch when extending the awing if the cover isn’t tucked away properly. It’s tall on my truck so that spot is difficult to see when opening and closing. I’m looking forward to lots of time using this.

    Image #1 from Sarah Perry
  40. Jeffrey C. (verified owner)

    Great awning! Easy to use, functional, and blends in as well as a 270 awning can on a Ram Power Wagon with an RSI smartcap.

    Image #1 from Jeffrey C.
  41. Patrick (verified owner)

    Built nice and sturdy

  42. Robert Hunt (verified owner)

    We put the Wraptor 4K awning on our Sunset Park Sunray 109e tiny camper. We had to modify our roof rack a little to accommodate it, but it turned out awesome! It is easy to use, easy to put away and it made extremely well. I’m looking forward to the walls coming back in stock.

    Image #1 from Robert Hunt
    Image #2 from Robert Hunt
    Image #3 from Robert Hunt
  43. David Richardson (verified owner)

    This is a quality awning. Light wait and easy to use. I have C.O.P.D. this awning is perfect for someone with my condition. https://youtu.be/hOzBSpJR4jU

    Image #1 from David Richardson
    Image #2 from David Richardson
  44. Michelle Day (verified owner)

    Best investment for the jeep so far! Super easy to deploy (one person can do it by themselves) very well made, fits perfectly with our iKamper and soooo nice to have the shade. Highly recommend

    Image #1 from Michelle Day
    Image #2 from Michelle Day
    Image #3 from Michelle Day
    Image #4 from Michelle Day
  45. Edwin Webb (verified owner)

    I should have bought the bigger one maybe next time.

  46. Diane (verified owner)

    The only issue with shipment was we were never sent tracking information. The Batwing works great, good quality. We installed it on our 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 2 door.

  47. Kruin (verified owner)

    Extremely easy to use! Quick set up and break down, exactly what I was looking for!

  48. Jeremy Roberts (verified owner)

    I love the awing. The quality is great and the customer service is outstanding.

  49. Gina (verified owner)

    Game Changer! Purchased this awning after seeing it on a friends jeep. We stood under it in a rain storm and never got wet. Compared to other awnings I’ve seen, this one far surpasses in ease of use and quality. I am short and I can still easily deploy the awning. Highly recommend!

    Image #1 from Gina
  50. GoTatanka

    This small business ios doping a great job! Had a question about the awning before I bought it, and the owner answered, on the weekend. Awnoing arrived quickly, well packed. Mounted easily on my Prinsu rack. Held up against the strong winds off the Atlantic on Cape Lookout; the rains of Western NY, and the winter in the Adirondacks.

    Image #1 from GoTatanka
    Image #2 from GoTatanka
  51. John Wherry (verified owner)

    I would give more stars if I could. This product is amazing and worth every penny after only one use!!! Mounted on 2018 Crosstrek Limited with Spider Roof Rack.

    Image #1 from John Wherry
    Image #2 from John Wherry
  52. Joshua Kennedy (verified owner)

    Awesome awning, great customer service. Thanks.

    Image #1 from Joshua Kennedy
    Image #2 from Joshua Kennedy
    Image #3 from Joshua Kennedy
  53. Milton Martinez (verified owner)

    I love the product

    Image #1 from Milton Martinez
  54. Todd J. (verified owner)

    Amazing product, with a great team that provided quick, fantastic service. We’ve used the wraptor on a few trips now and love what it does to our little squaredrop camper to protect us from the elements.

    Image #1 from Todd J.
  55. William H. (verified owner)

    Great product, my only thing is i wish it had come with some type of instructions, watched videos but wasn’t much detail in them about actual installation! Quality is very good.

    Image #1 from William H.
  56. Claudia Palzkill (verified owner)

  57. Randyman

    I work out of my truck, I play out of my truck.
    This awning is sweet. I like that I don’t have to worry about poles if there is no wind.
    Bomb construction! Easy set up & take down.

  58. Martin (verified owner)

    Shipping was not free in my area but the communication was great and the shipping costs were reasonable compared to other vendors.

  59. Kristen Miller (verified owner)

    I’ve deployed it at home and real like what I see!

    Image #1 from Kristen Miller
    Image #2 from Kristen Miller
    Image #3 from Kristen Miller
    Image #4 from Kristen Miller
    Image #5 from Kristen Miller
  60. Larry Lozier (verified owner)

    Instructions would be helpful.

  61. Hans M. (verified owner)

    Awning is awesome; only CON is it doesn’t wrap 90° at that back of the truck.

    Image #1 from Hans M.
    Image #2 from Hans M.
    • nick damico (store manager)

      Hi, that’s because it’s new. It needs to stretch :). If it went 90 when new then as the fabric stretches over time it would be less taught.

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