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Wraptor 2000 Wall Set

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This is a complete wall set for the Wraptor 2000.  It includes all 6 sides- the 4 outer sides plus the 2 walls that run along the side and back of the vehicle. The walls can be attached between the support poles of the  Wraptor to provide a complete enclosure around two sides of your vehicle. Each outer panel has a separate door and mosquito mesh to allow for cooling and entry. The panels attach to the top of the awning with a large velcro strip, attach to the poles with clips and to the the side of another panel with zippers. You can attach all panels to provide a complete enclosure or just a couple to provide additional shade. The panels are made from the same waterproof 200D polyester as the rain fly on our roof top and ground tents. We chose the lighter material over the 280G awning material to save on weight and make packing the panels more compact. The panels fully enclose the awning.

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  • 200 Denier waterproof construction
  • Each outer panel feature a door with no-see-um mosquito windows.
  • Each panel features anchoring loops
  • Quick-clips to attach panel to poles make setup easy even in moderate wind
  • Each panel features zippers to attach to adjacent panels
  • Panels can be individually deployed if desired
  • 4 outside panels and 2 back panels near the vehicle to forma complete enclosure
  • includes storage bag
  • Grey color

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 15 × 9 in

3 reviews for Wraptor 2000 Wall Set

  1. Reid Anderson

    Wonderful Awning. Had this awning for about 8 months now and it has been very useful in rain and even in rain.

    Pros: Keeps you out of the rain and hot sun, durable, materials used, Easy to mount, and cost.
    Cons: 2 people to set up, 5-10min to deploy, 5-10 min deploy, some parts of the awning canvas is extremely tough to pull over the bars.

    Overall, this is a great product on a budget. Best if you have 2 people and it’s impossible to deploy it in some wind. Other than that, great product and would buy again.

    Image #1 from Reid Anderson
  2. Joseph Moshe (verified owner)

    It is still in the box… however the price and the shipping/arrival on time were great.

  3. Dale K. (verified owner)

    This is EXACTLY what I ordered and was expecting. While it’s the “top of the line / most expensive”, it completely meets my needs at a GREAT price. This is my first awning and can not wait to get out and use it. The additional Wall Set is a wonderful addition and will definitely help on sunny days, rain, and especially during cold fishing / hunting trips.

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