Wraptor 4K Wall – Individual
Wraptor 4K Wall – Individual

This is a single wall for our Wraptor 4K fully freestanding 270 degree awning. Can be used on Wraptor 6K as well.



Measures 88 inches wide between the arms by 81 inches tall.

Fits the Wraptor 4K fully freestanding 270 degree awning as well as the 6K awning.

Side walls can be attached between the support poles of the Wraptor 4K to provide extra protection.

Panels attach to the top of the awning with a large velcro strip, attach to the poles with clips and to the the side of another panel with velcro. You can attach multiple panels to provide a complete enclosure or just a couple to provide additional shade.

We’ve included velcro wraps on the arms to allow wall attachment underneath. 2 or 3 walls can be placed to create a small room underneath.

Made from the same waterproof 200D polyester as the rain fly on our roof top and ground tents. We chose the lighter material over the 280G awning material to save on weight and make packing the panels more compact.

This is a SINGLE wall.

Complete set of walls, including mesh zippered door, available as Wraptor 4K Wall Set.

When used on a 6K awning, it will fit differently as the 6K awning is not symmetrical like the 4K awning.


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